What doesnt make sense makes you stronger

The American dream is dead.  Don’t believe me?  Read the paper.  Ask a friend.  We are all broke.  Nothing is going to go in the right direction for you.  You are the hero, and you will lose every time.  Well, maybe 20 years from now you will win but who gives a shit, right?  As for right now, you suck, your life makes for a bad — or good, depending on view —  Daniel Tosh joke, and everyone knows it.

Ok, maybe not.  When I feel about as down as the previous paragraph I pick up a modern masterpiece to cheer me up.  No, I am not talking about ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ (Like, so good, right?  2/3 of boring bullshit and female mutilation is, like, so good, right?)  I am speaking, of course, about Grant Morrison’s ‘Final Crisis’.  Yes, the comic book.  Yeah, that medium with pictures and words in bubbles.  And there is a reason why I turn to this slighly pretencious view of heroism — because I need it. 

Let me explain: the heroes of the DC Universe lose, and they lose big.  Earth, the Universe, and all the good jazz between is lost to the evil of all evil (no, not Tony Danza).  Superman, that-guy-that-we-need-to-solve-the-world’s-problems-to-make-life-perfect-but-if-we-had-him-life-wouldn’t-be-perfect-because-we-needed-him, is not a part of the story.  Batman, the dude that we all think kicks ass, gets taken out early.  And Wonder Woman, umm… that thick lady, becomes a bitch in a pig mask.  All that is left is a ragtag bunch of B-list convenience store clerks in tights to fight off the ultimate asshole — and they fail.  Also, I don’t believe in spoiler alerts: Batman gets killed.  In the process of Batman getting offed, he manages to shoot a God in the chest and bring about that creatures mortal demise — and the heroes still lose.  It takes Superman to sing into a machine 3 months down the road to make things Georgia Peaches again.  Fucking silly.

In fact, its so silly that it works.  It actually gives me hope.  The story makes my day brighter because the good guy does something so ridiculous that he saves the day.  We all need that feeling of ridiculous vindication, even if it happens months or years down the road.  An event that can be so crushing, so sad, that all we can do is laugh at the things that happened afterward.

I wonder if continuing down this path of neverending debt and poor choices from years past will pay off.  And, as the modern world crushes me beneath its size 22 waist line, I think that maybe I just need to stick it out.  Maybe, just maybe, if I work hard at being poor, if I find humor and hope in a world that offers very few second chances, I will get lucky and sing into a machine — none of that makes any sense, and that is all I need.




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