Animal Sketchbook 7/2/11

So…here goes. I’m hoping to make these posts weekly and have two new sketches from the book a week.

The themed sketchbook is commonplace among comics enthusiasts. This particular book started when Gahan Wilson visited the Fantagraphics office while I was still an intern in February 2010. I snatched a dummy book from our art department and decided I wanted Gahan to draw Animal from the muppets. This among other themed books in our office including a three-volume set of Yodas and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The idea is to have each new artist draw his or her vision of your chosen character.

Here’s what Gahan came up with.

Gahan Wilson's Animal

A month or so later, when I was working the Fanta booth at the 2010 Emerald City Comic Con alongside our featured artist Gilbert Hernandez, I asked him for an Animal sketch.

Gilbert Hernandez's Animal


Next Week: Duncan Rouleau and Steve Lieber!


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