Animal Sketchbook 7/9/11

THIS WEEK: Two drawings from Emerald City Comic Con 2010. The first is by Duncan Rouleau, artist of the phenomenal mini Metal Men for DC and the rarely published Image 5-issue mini The Great Unknown, among others. Also, a wonderful brush drawing by Steve Lieber, artist of Whiteout and Underground. Next Week: Pete Woods and … Continue reading


Animal Sketchbook 7/2/11

So…here goes. I’m hoping to make these posts weekly and have two new sketches from the book a week. The themed sketchbook is commonplace among comics enthusiasts. This particular book started when Gahan Wilson visited the Fantagraphics office while I was still an intern in February 2010. I snatched a dummy book from our art … Continue reading

What doesnt make sense makes you stronger

The American dream is dead.  Don’t believe me?  Read the paper.  Ask a friend.  We are all broke.  Nothing is going to go in the right direction for you.  You are the hero, and you will lose every time.  Well, maybe 20 years from now you will win but who gives a shit, right?  As … Continue reading

Something new for people to bitch about

Salutations, mole people!  This is Michael Krogman, introducing you to a new compilation between myself and fellow recycled botany encyclopedia enthusiast Ian Burns.  Our goal is to come up with a goal — and that goal will hopefully address posting some of the best stories we can come up with.  I would like to point out … Continue reading