Animal Sketchbook 9/18/11

The Animal Sketchbook is (supposedly) updated every Saturday featuring two new artists every week. This week: the first of some extremely good ECCC 2011 sketches. First up is Seattle all-star Megan Kelso, whose new collection Queen of the Black Black was recently released from Fantagraphics.* And now, one of my favorite’s of the book so … Continue reading

Animal Sketchbook 7/23/11

Pete Woods's Animal

Previously… 7/16/11, 7/9/11, 7/2/11 This week: yet another pair of sketches from ECCC 2010. First up’s a colored pencil drawing by Jill Thompson of Beasts of Burden, Scary Godmother, The Invisibles and many more… And here’s a pen and watercolor from Pete Woods, who’s one of the many artists participating in DC’s “New 52”: Next … Continue reading