Animal Sketchbook 7/16/11

Stefano Gaudiano's Animal

Previously… 7/9/11, 7/2/11 This week: another pair from ECCC 2010. First up is a wonderful watercolor from Stefano Gaudiano. When I approached Jim Rugg for a sketch, he saw that my badge read The Comics Journal, and replied “…Uh oh.” Also, if you haven’t checked out Rugg’s Afrodisiac, get fucking to it. Next Week: Jill … Continue reading

Animal Sketchbook 7/9/11

THIS WEEK: Two drawings from Emerald City Comic Con 2010. The first is by Duncan Rouleau, artist of the phenomenal mini Metal Men for DC and the rarely published Image 5-issue mini The Great Unknown, among others. Also, a wonderful brush drawing by Steve Lieber, artist of Whiteout and Underground. Next Week: Pete Woods and … Continue reading

Animal Sketchbook 7/2/11


So…here goes. I’m hoping to make these posts weekly and have two new sketches from the book a week. The themed sketchbook is commonplace among comics enthusiasts. This particular book started when Gahan Wilson visited the Fantagraphics office while I was still an intern in February 2010. I snatched a dummy book from our art … Continue reading