About the Writer

     Michael Krogman started out as your average sperm until he met an egg looking to party.  Nine months later he was born into this world.  Since then, he has survived being taught nothing in a public school, thrown up a few times, and studied English, History and Education.  He is kind of learned, having received a Bachelor of the Arts from Central Washington University. 

     He has traveled all over the United States, forgetting the names of almost every person he encountered.  His hobbies include: eating, listening to R&B music from the 1960’s, reading histories on Colonial America, and entertaining his niece with stories he read in comic books.

   Having struggled with many belts and socks, he now resides on an Island in the Pacific Northwest, eating tuna out of cans and singing songs about lives past.  So, if you have a problem, if no one else can help — and you can find him — then, I suppose you should tell him about your problem and receive advice that makes little to no sense.  If, of course, thats what you are into.


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